Thomas J. Pinnavaia


University Distinguished Professor (b. 1938). B.A.,

1962, SUNY at Buffalo; Ph.D., 1967, Cornell

University. Inorganic and Materials Chemistry;

intercalation chemistry of complex layered oxides;

mesoporous solids; pillared clays; solid acids

and bases; heterogeneous catalysis; applications

to environmental problems; molecular design of

composite materials with nano-structured



Professional Experience:

Assistant Professor Michigan State University 1966-72 Associate Professor Michigan State University 1972-77 Professor Michigan State University 1977-97 University Distinguished Professor Michigan State University 1997-present Director MSU Center for Fundamental Materials Research 1989-1992


Professional Memberships:

American Chemical Society President: MSU Section 1982-83 Catalysis Society President: Michigan Catalysis Society 1987-88 Clay Minerals Society President 1990 Material Research Society Sigma Xi


Professional Recognition:

Senior Sigma Xi Research Award, 1983 Michigan State University Distiguished Faculty Award, 1988 George W. Brindley Lecture Award, Clay Minerals Society, 1991 Distinguished Member Award, Clay Minerals Society, 1993 Michigan State University Distinguished Professor Award, 1997



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