David J. Morrissey

University Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and faculty member of the National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab   at Michigan State University (b. 1953). B.S., 1975, Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., 1978, University of California, Berkeley; Post-Doctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, 1978-1981; Visiting Scientist, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany, 1987-1988; Associate Director for Nuclear Science, NSCL, 1995-1999, Chair Division of Nuclear Chemistry & Technology, American Chemical Society, 2004; Mighigan State University Distinguished Professor, 2005, Textbook: Modern Nuclear Chemistry, coauthors Loveland and Seaborg, published 2006.

A synopsis of my research is the experimental investigation of heavy-ion induced nuclear reactions and nuclear reaction mechanisms. Recent studies include the production of radioactive ion beams, measurements of the beta-decay of nuclei at the limits of stability, and the themalization of fast radioactive ions in a buffer gas for further manipulation and study. Older work includes studies of nuclear temperature and its effects on the populations of nuclear excited states .

The production of the heaviest isotopes made a splash in WIRED magazine.

Recent Courses taught at MSU:-spilt-

Spring 1999, 2ooo, 2oo1, 2oo2, 2oo4 -- Chemistry 384, Introductory Physical Chemistry II

Fall 2oo3, 2oo4, 2oo5 -- Chemistry 391, Molecular Thermodynamics

Spring 2oo6, 2oo9: Chemistry 988, Nuclear Radiation Detectors

Fall 2oo6, 2oo7, 2oo8: Chemistry 181H, Honors Freshman Chemistry

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