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Welcome to the resource page of Instrumental Analysis, CEM 333, at Michigan State University. This page is primarily directed at students already enrolled in the course and is intended to supply additional information in a convenient form.

What do you think of the CEM 333 Web site? What would you like to see changed? What would you like to see added? If you have any comments please contact the instructor Simon J. Garrett by e-mail or call (517) 355 9715 ext 208.

(updated May 2, 2000)

*** Congratulations to all those seniors graduating this semester! I hope that you learned something that will be of use to you in your future career. Best of luck out there. To everyone else, well done, take a break (you've earned it) and have a great summer. ***

*** Final grades for the class are here! A complete list of all your grades is available outside my office. Please check that my scores agree with yours. If not, notify me as soon as possible. Any reports, quizzes or exams that you have not picked up are available from your TA. ***

IMPORTANT: The organization of this section may change as more information is added. Please check regularly.

This page created November 20, 1998 by Simon J. Garrett.